Videocon TV Service in Kalambali Mumbai is best Home Appliances Service Center in Mumbai. It gives administration, fix and furthermore upkeep for a wide range of home machines. For example, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Microwave Oven and TV. We have earned best name and furthermore confided in organization in Mumbai City in this fix and upkeep industry.


Videocon TV Service in Kalambali Mumbai has prepared specialists with 8 years of involvement with the field of fixing industry. We as a confided in specialist organization, utilize just organization save parts and unique equipment’s. Therefore our administration community offers 3 months administration assurance and multi month administration ensure for all clients.

The executives gives experts at client’s doorstep to fix home apparatuses. We orchestrate and offer support engineers inside an hour and a half after concerned protest enrolled. When specialist shows up, he will check and furthermore examine the contraption issues totally. Videocon TV Service in Kalambali Mumbai Expert will clarify the issue of machine and fixes it before you after client allows to fix.

We do a wide range of Home apparatuses like Washing machine, Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Microwave Oven and TV.

Videocon TV Service in Kalambali Mumbai


Television is regular home machine in all independents houses and so on. Since each individual in this planet needs diversion and need to think about what’s going on around the globe. In everybody’s individual occupied wild life need to alleviation from stress so there is the just a single alternative to watch for example Television. It is accessible in various models and an alternate brand likewise fluctuates in cost moreover.

Our service community gives a wide range of fixes to a wide range of TV models. We give experts at your doorstep to fix, service and upkeep with unique extra parts. Professionals have full information on most recent TV models on the off chance that it gets issue they can fix it in no time. The management gives uncommon help on administration for multi month also 9 days on parts utilized while fixing.

Microwave Oven

How function we by pass through by the usage of Microwave Oven?. The pleasant Videocon Micro Oven Service of Mumbai is namely soon so again. Yet, our employment Videocon Microwave Oven Service center.

Our action is in present day times imparting you Micro Oven Service in Mumbai It is shifting commend.  Above all delightful afterward clients It is totally timey servicing but preservation perform furnish the Best applications foreign places associated to you Appliances. Our work is the friendly is available every age 24 hours within on line bookings. And we provider solely repairing labor issuer whichever is excessive quality yet rapid concerning its applications.

Air Conditioner

Generally Air conditioners used to revive in cool air in summer seasons. Because of hefty climate changes and hot atmosphere everybody utilizes AC’s in their home. It is accessible in various costs and furthermore various models. Sorts of Air conditioner are

  • Window
  • Split
  • Duct
  • Cassette
Window Air Conditioner

Window AC is the fundamental model on Air coolers, it is accessible in ease for a wide range of people groups. Essentially this sort devours less vitality of power and needs labor to pour water in it. It cools the littlest bit in room and generally don’t get high repairable issues.

Split Air Conditioner

This sort of coolers utilized in all houses and it accompanies new particulars and highlights. It likewise expends more vitality of power and can use by distant. Split AC accessible in significant expense contrasted with Window AC. Progressed highlights comes in it like turbo cooling, part and swing highlights.

Channel Air Conditioner

In the Duct AC type expending power vitality is high since it cools huge segment of territory. It utilized for business reason too. The scope of cost is high founded on the highlights and space of territory.

Tape Air Conditioner

Tape AC utilized for business reason and can cool huge space. Chiefly it is utilized in Banquet corridors, Malls and Conference lobbies and so on. The Cost high contrasted with Duct AC and furthermore includes come in it.

The community offers support specialists to fix a wide range of AC’s with talented information in fixing machines. We additionally offer Warranty for administration comparably save leaves behind doorstep administration. Our client assistance group accessible in 24//7 hours for moment administration.

Washing Machine

Clothes washers uses to wash garments as opposed to washing with hands. It used to lessen labor and furthermore association in Squeezing wet garments. These days washers found in each house on the grounds that in this bustling life people adjusted to tranquil by utilizing it. These are of 4 kinds primarily

Front Load

Front Load clothes washer utilized by everybody’s home since it suits for all classes of individuals and expends less vitality, water. It eliminates extreme stain blemishes on dresses effectively with less water when contrasted with different models of washers.

Top Load

Top Load washers used to take off stains on garments effectively without utilizing labor. It needs less support contrasted with front burden washers.


Self-loader clothes washer utilized in each house in view of accessibility in financial plan moreover. This sort of washer needs labor to take off garments from washing tub and keep washed garments into drier to press.

Fully Automatic

Completely Automatic washer uses to wash garments in single tick with mechanized settings in it. Mostly it devours more vitality and need a lot of water too.

Our Service community gives experts who can fix gives that may happens in a wide range of washers. We send administration engineers having admirably information on fixing device with up and coming specialized information.

Washing machine Care

High and low Voltage protection:

The perfect micro controller always monitors the voltage fluctuations and also temporarily holds the program to protect the washer in case of voltage drops below.

Program Memory backup:

It resumes from where it stops in case of power failed. No backward of cycles save time, Water, electricity and adds long life to washer.

Maintenance and cleaning of Washer

Cleaning detergent dispenser draw
  • Take out the detergent residues repeatedly.
  • Remove the detergent dispenser drawer from the machine.
  • Clean it with hot and warm water.
  • Pull out siphon from the siphon and wash it warm running water.
  • Before replacing the detergent dispenser drawer, clean them out with a bottle brush.
Wiping the water hose mesh filter
  • Firstly off the water taps, then disconnect power supply to the machine. Remove the screws of inlet hose from the machine and tap similarly  drain water from the hose.
  • Separate the filter mesh from the tap end of inlet hose and sponge under water with brush.
  • Pull the sieve of the magnetic valve with a pair of flat nosed pliers.Clean it with brush and then fit it back into the valve.
  • Fix the screw inlet hose back into machine and also tap. Ensure that sieve and filter are placed in their respective places. Turn on the water tap to check whether the connection is fixed tightly or not.
Cleanse the filter
  • Filter should be washed regularly in order to increase the lifespan of the drain pump.
  • Open the detachable bottom door by handling a key or coin.
  • Keep a shallow opened box near the bottom door. Take out the drain hose and open the plug to drain the water from washer to opened box.
  • Next drain water from the plug, open the filter in anti clockwise by rotating it and remove all screws.
  • Tight the filter and plug of drain to their original places and close the door.
  • Don’t open the filter while program runs.


Fridges utilized in each normal house to store food things including milk, curd, powdered sort things and so forth. Generally ice chests accessible for homegrown reason and in like manner business reason as well. Coolers accessible from low scope of cost to high scope of cost dependent on particulars and liters of accessibility. Kinds of fridges

Single Door

Single Door ice chests utilized predominantly in moderate class of individuals who can bear the cost of least expense of refrigerator. It is a fundamental model accessible for all classes of individuals accordingly can store all sort of food things and dairy items and so forth.

Double Door

Two fold Door cold storage uses to store huge amount of all things including meat, vegetables, bread shop things and Milk items. This sort of chilly stockpiling found in rich individuals’ home as a result of the accessibility in cost. Its cost high when contrasted with single entryway fridge. Typically it accompanies two entryways, top and base entryways. Usually top entryway part utilized for capacity of ice making and vegetables and so on. Coming to base entryway part is utilized to store essential kitchen fixings and dairy items.

Side by Side

Next to each other ice box utilized for business reason to store enormous amount of fluids and dairy items. It is predominantly utilized by and large stores, bread shops, and organizations and so on., to store tremendous amount. This sort of refrigerator accompanies two entryways one in left comparably the second one in right side. Yet, this refrigerator accessible in significant expense and furthermore expends more vitality of power contrasted with different models.

We organize experts to fix all issues of coolers with unique extra parts. Our administration place offers doorstep administration for all clients who can’t manage the cost of their time at fixing businesses. The board gives administration ensure for one month and 90 days for save parts fixed.

Technical Team:

Our service engineers skilled in every aspect of fixing all types of repairable problems with latest technical services. Management has only aim that value to customers time and also money spent for fixing their home appliances. So our sophisticated technicians strictly follow the rules of management.

We provide best service technicians to all customer’s doorstep to fix every issue of home appliances with low cost of service charges. Technicians clearly explains the problem of appliance and give free estimation copy whether fix or not but its their duty  to give it to customers. Our administration located in center of the Mumbai because we want to available for every customers who wants our service and repair.