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Our Services

We repair Home appliances

Multi Brand Repair Service Center ( Unauthorized)

Here, We repair all types of  Washing Machine, refrigerators, Air conditioner, Microwave Oven and tv. Likewise, we provide 100% Customer Satisfaction and Our Service Center is a Fully Private Home Appliances Service Center.

our services

Washing machine

Videocon Washing Machine Service We repair and service Videocon washing Machine in Mumbai and we have got what it takes to ben an expert in what we do.


In today’s modern world a refrigerator is in severe need to store products that can get decomposed or spoilt if kept without cooling.

Air Conditioner

We provide you with expert support to cover you for any eventuality at home. So you no longer have to worry about voltage spikes or uneven cooling

our expertise

Fast Service

With our separate team of well experienced technicians for Videocon microwave oven

Best Service

We have the skills and the manpower to resolve your issue urgently which most of the repair and service centers in Mumbai fail to do.

Low cost service

We have specialized technicians for repair and service Videocon microwave oven in the Mumbai.

Brands we've worked with

videocon service center Mumbai is the best service centers all over Mumbai. They provide good service for the products; they give 100% correct resolution to the products. We provide all sorts of products service for multiband products, Washing machines are the frontload, top load and semi-automatic   washing machines completely programmed. Fridge is useful for taking care of the vegetables, verdant food sources things we can store in the cooler. Microwave is the electrical item which can prepare the delectable food rapidly. The microwave will give the electromagnetic wave and those ways are otherwise called microwaves. So these items require subjective services to all home apparatuses with most progressive types of gear. Our professionals can do the all fixes of these home apparatuses.  Videocon Service Center Mumbai. With their experience and preparing they understand each and each a piece of the product all together that they can give each maintenance the forced air systems will require a decent upkeep so the client should shield the unit. The climate control systems are three sorts they are part, pipe and tape climate control systems. These are the best model in the age which is accompanies many progressed highlight and capacities. To every issue of the unit. These TV’s will assume a significant part in each home by giving the diversion to the clients. The item issue like cooler, washer cooling issue in forced air systems, and show issues of the TV. They can offer the types of assistance to every one of these issues or more the issues. Videocon Service Center Mumbai. They will give the assurance time frame to their fixes and extra parts like one month service warranty and three months warranty for spare parts. The extra parts mean we supplant the old harmed portions of the product with new extra parts. They can offer the types of helps in clients own place. Such countless clients will take the service from us since we gave them most significant service to the clients who came for services. 

Videocon service center is the best assistance community anywhere in Mumbai. They supply brilliant assistance for the outcomes; they contribute 100% right choices to the items. We endeavor a wide range of merchandise administration for multi-brand items. Clothes washers are the front burden, top burden and self-loader clothes washers basically drafted. The refrigerator helps post the vegetables, green food specialists, things we’ll gather inside the more prominent. A microwave is an electrical article which can get ready delectable food rapidly. The microwave will give electromagnetic recurrence and make ways that are generally called microwave oven. So these things require emotional administrations to all or any or any home contraptions with the principal reformist kinds of stuff.  

Our experts can manage every one of the troubles of these home apparatuses. With their experience and readiness, they see similarly of the product all straightforwardly that they are having the opportunity to give every support the constrained air frameworks would require exact upkeep consequently every buyer should focus on the unit. Videocon Service Center in Mumbai.   These are the sole models inside the age which go with many advanced features and limits. to each issue of the unit. These TV’s will permit a colossal part in each home by giving amusement to the buyers . The thing issues are a bit like the cooler, washer cooling issue in constrained air frameworks, and show issues with the TV. they go to supply a wide range of help to every one among these subjects or more issues. They will supply the help time period to their fixes and extra parts, sort of a one-month administration guarantee and three months guarantee for spare parts. The new parts mean we eliminate the old harmed bits of the product with new extra parts. They go to supply a wide range of help in customers’ places. Such countless customers will take the assistance from us since we gave them the main dynamic support of the customers who showed up for administrations. 

Washing machines:

The washer gives the sole washing to the substance; this is frequently the standard huge apparatus for washing machines . These days the most elevated individuals are utilizing the machine since it is extremely difficult to wash garments with assistance. Besides, selves become extended with their way of growth.  rather than washing their hands, they use washers. So these clothes washers turned into the main name in each house. This gives the sole wash in less time while noticing less power. Videocon Service Center in Mumbai. During this innovation, all are occupied with their ad request that they don’t have the opportunity to wash the articles of clothing . The washer has types of sorts : front load, Top load, and semi-automatic machines. 

 Washing machine types: 

Front load

Top load



It’s amazingly hard to envision a kitchen remotely a cooler now. A fridge could even be a prerequisite numerous |to keep away from wasting”> numerous |to keep away from wasting”> to save numerous bunches of food and transient things like vegetables, products of the soil items from getting ruined. Inside the cooler, we’ve made many progress highlights like entryway style, entryway bolts and alerts, child lock and covered up home machine . 

Refrigerator types: 

Single door

Double door

Side by side door

Microwave oven: 

Microwaves are for the most part used in each family; it assumes a critical part. Microwaves are three sorts: solo, grill and convection.   We’ll appropriate a special microwave for cooking the extra food; with a grill microwave we’ll cook bread, chicken and then on Convection microwaves support all microwaves to provide the food.

Microwave types: 




Air conditioner:

Air conditioner works by initially shaping a gas refrigerant into the unit’s forced air systems circuit. This suggests a forced air system isn’t only about asking with its deliveries. Videocon Service Center in Mumbai. Be that since it’s going to, it besides keeps your advantage costs beneath in data of the exceptional certain reality that there’s decreasing spend. This is regularly more supportive for the environment; additionally, as this chilled gas refrigerant moves off the evaporator, it holds the warmth inside your home and passes on it outside and into each delta port of your cooling . 

Air conditioner types: 

Split ac 

Duct ac 

Cassette ac 


TV could even be an incredible instructive apparatus. It extends comprehension of a few raisins, expands insusceptibility and a typical comprehension of all inclusive issues. Through contemporary episodes, advancement, way of life, food shows and kids’ shows, TV rouses logical and social interest. 

Television types: 





We provide you with expert support to cover you for any eventuality at home. So you no longer have to worry about voltage spikes or uneven cooling or anything else that you do not wish to bother about.

There are a variety of problems that can cause your air conditioner not to function properly: it could be that your thermostat or sensor is not working correctly, or the motor or compressor may have failed. A dirty filter or evaporator could also cause problems, or you might be low on refrigerant.

It’s important to have an experienced and trustworthy technician examine your system; improper care — like adding the wrong refrigerant, failing to fix a leak, or making other errors – can create even more problems.

We have a high degree of dependence on the air-conditioners in our homes, especially during those summer months. Even a small snag can cause disruption in our daily routine

We provide you with expert support to cover you for any eventuality at home. videocon service center Mumbai So you no longer have to worry about voltage spikes or uneven cooling or anything else that you do not wish to bother about.

Videocon service center in Mumbai. We are providing here to our customer we are the best service to you washing machine service center in Mumbai we are do all home appliances we are servicing all products they are washing machine, refrigerator air conditioner, microwave oven, TV, etc.

we do these all products we are servicing our service is the best to you we are providing best offers to our customer we are available 24/7 hours we are very talented and experienced in this field we are the best to service your all products we are given to you best service we Videocon washing machine service centermost of people using washing machines in any seasons if you are suffering your home products our technician will be done perfect services to your home appliance we are the trusted brand of the all home appliance products we are the best service to you one of the top position our service center.

we will repair all types of home appliance we are providing best service in all our areas our service center we are providing we are the best service in Mumbai we know how to repair and how to resolve your problems we are the best we have solutions we are providing 3 months guarantee and we give 90 days’ warranty on spare parts we are improving our service center we have many branches in Mumbai we will send our technicians in your doorstep service we are having more than 10 years’ experience our repair center organization has appointed to you offer top excellent service to the customer we are very improving in this filed We can catch all your problems in your products we are the experience in this filed Our aim is to prove 100% genuine for the appliance at your doorstep without any delay. Technicians will contact you before their appearance at your door.

Types of home appliance:

washing machine


Microwave oven

Air conditioner


Washing machine:

 The washing machine is a major part of the kitchen. If you have any inconvenience in your washing machine just make a call we will send our technicians to your home itself. videocon service center Mumbai They will repair all types of washing machines like front load, top load, and semi-automatic machines, etc. Videocon washing machine capacity in Hyderabad 6.5 kg and highest is 29 kgs.

Our technicians have more than 10 years’ experience in this field so they can repair all types of home appliances. Washing machine has a drain or any problems in your washing machine whenever the word “automatic” is related to a washer, it means the machine not only washes and covers but also extracts most water out of it after washing. The most difference between a fully automatic and semi-automatic washer is that in a fully automatic washer, all the methods from washing to spinning happen on their own through an automatic program, whereas in semi-automatic, one must move clothes from one operation to a different one manually. Automatic machines do everything on their own. Once you select the wash program, the machine will automatically fill within the required water for a wash, choose the proper wash cycle, drain the water, and eventually do the spinning to prevent remaining moisture-all within the same tank. Also, once the wash is complete you would like to transfer clothes from the wash drum to the drier (spin) compartment.

Videocon refrigerator:

If you suffering refrigerator problems this issue is often caused by a blocked defrost drain, or a clogged water supply line. Defrost drain can be blocked by food particles or other debris, make small changes in the temperature or you may run the risk of freezing the contents of the fridge. If the appliance is already putting a layer of frost on your leafy greens then use the temperature controls in the opposite to make the service vacuum the coil is under and behind the (fridge) clogged coils can cause poor cooling struck in the consider coil fan our global service is the best solution to solve your problems we available 24×7 hours our technicians have 10 years of experience and they studied and certified. Technicians will contact before coming to your location. Videocon Refrigerator repair service center in Mumbai.

A single door refrigerator is a perfect family one of the basic needs the higher direct cool refrigerator features a beautiful design and some extremely useful features. It has a direct cooling system and the freezer has a net capacity of 19 litters.

A double door refrigerator is ideal for Indian families feature available most of them are very helpful in maintaining this appliance here you are top double door refrigerator problem issue speed energy, reducing energy wastage it uses less energy, minimize noise, and reduces wear essay slide shelf lets you efficiently store, the ideal double door for a small family for 3to4 members this refrigerator is known for its still compressors energy saving if you have professionals technician will solve just contact us:

The side by side refrigerators is a moderately modern appliance. They require minimal upkeep and are fairly maintenance-free compared to older refrigerators which have a less functional freezer on top that tend to hold fewer items and have smaller capacity ice markers but they are few problems that side by side refrigerator tends to give the best service.

Videocon microwave oven:

Videocon microwave oven here you’re suffering many common problems we are here to solve microwave oven used by most people in daily life to save time get rid of manpower as result this types and also expensive our professional can repairs all types of solo, grill, convention, etc. videocon service center Mumbai from morning to evening with the help of microwave oven the also microwave oven basis an entry-level of a microwave oven the new microwave oven is coming with the full touch display to control the microwave oven settings to use it properly to clean with cloth power level setting they are providing 5 manuals power level setting temperature for grilling and heating.

A solo microwave oven is mostly used for reheating the food. It does not cook all the items just for reheating water, food, etc. the solo microwave oven is mainly used for recipes.

Grill microwave they provide from extra grills for defrosting meat the grill microwaves oven mostly presented model bakery’s.

Convention microwave oven features of solo and grill convention advanced sensor automatic function. 

A microwave oven is a popularly used kitchen appliance these days like day here are the common faults with your microwave oven their cooking daily routine and it cannot be interrupted because of issues with your Videocon microwave oven for well-experienced technician visit and repair the issues we at know understands these and we are known for fast reliable service from Videocon microwave service center in Mumbai.

A grill microwave oven is like a normal microwave oven that can reheat food, drinks, and defrost meat. Grill microwave ovens have an outdoor grill by browning exteriors while cooking the inside evenly. Grilling or baking grill the devices with this feature offer microwaves cooking toasting and broiling. Wattage 900 of power give you rapid reheating and fast cooking watts is quite sufficient may be little on the higher side, but that is a problem because the power is adjustable in many problems of the model if power setting is fixed microwave oven is a safe, effective, and highly less or slower and may not cook evenly in general the higher the wattage the faster the cooking increased because the different the wattage is slight.

Our technician well experienced because they have 4-9 years in repairing in this home appliance field we are giving best offers to you our services doorstep our engineers so we are having 100% of visiting technician charge 350/one-month warranty and we are provided only company spare parts we have 3 months warranty door-door step service center out of warranty service center we are the microwave oven must be installed by the professional or qualified person its service agent or similarly qualified persons into order.

Videocon air conditioner:

The air conditioner has very important products it needs to maintain not only summer but in winter it plays a circular role by increasing the living room temperature air conditioner troubles you can call us we will send our expert technician. Videocon air conditioner home appliance fixes in Mumbai. AC is not working properly, high power consumption and the air conditioner are getting excessively cool, difficulty in the opening door, the excess formation of ice in deep AC, etc.

we will repair all types of air conditioners they can solve in your air conditioner. Split air conditioner contains 2 parts on is located outsides the wall another one is located in the room which is split air conditioner outsides units of the air conditioner with many wires 5 degrees cooler the same system or split living in the room. We have expert technicians for split AC’s. 

They fix any kind of your AC switch mini split air conditioner cooling 5degrees. There is a copper pipe that helps decreases room temperature cleans and cools etc. duct lead once the air conditioner with the cooling problem the system is the main one of the pressure air conditioners to be continuously typically when we air conditioner our homes we keep our windows and doors closed. This leads to added security as it much harder for someone to break in your home your doors and windows closed and locked than having them open to cool your home.

Common issues are typically issued noise closed to air conditioner this means less noise enters the room in the air conditioner keeping these places cool and quiet a ceiling or wall The duct leads once the structural typical fold over on the side a can slide a ductless mini spilled system, in its most basic form, includes one outdoor unit and an indoor unit, connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring. The indoor unit is often wall-mounted, &delivers heated or cooled air directly into the living space ductwork needed a single or multi-zone system we do repairs of all kinds of air conditioners. air conditioner the capacity of an or its cooling ability it’s based on its window ac high and cooled designed for cooling large spaces in window aces are better for air circulation.  

you’re are shifting to a new home or getting a new air conditioner installed for your new home then the coils of the filter electronic control setup only need to fix your air conditioner has to be fixed properly our technician will do they work this calls for the need of a trained expert professional who can come at your home and do this for your air conditioner repair are setting if any work they will do properly. Window ac are easy to maintain, the window system contains easy for properties of owners. The air conditioner is the process of removing the heat and moisture from interior occupied space to improve the space from to improve the comfort of the tenant.

The air conditioner has a very expensive product it needs maintenance. Not only in summer but winter and monsoon seasons it playing a crucial role inbuilt heater. Which increases the room temperature? videocon service center Mumbai The compressor pumps back extracting the heat moisture indoor it conveys the heat to the indoors .warm indoor air blow indoor cooling coil. Our team, of talented experts, certified service specialists provides repair and service to our customers. We do the best and high-quality services.

Our Videocon service center provides high-quality services we use the best and genuine spare parts by replacing them with damaged parts genuine spare parts. Feel mode in the feeling mode the fan speed and the temperature are set automatically according to the temperature which is ensuring user comfort sleep mode operation, press sleep operation remote control the units system. We use the best and genuine spare parts by replacing them with damaged parts genuine spare parts. With our service, your old products may look like new products.

Videocon TV:

If you are facing problems with the TV not responding to remote TV Service Center staff well equipped with
make sure our Repair customer experience is 100% and reliable.  The topmost TV technicians work for you affordable growing with our customer most of our TV repairs here we provide the best service of all home appliances of Videocon TV get a major repair we take product service center for repair Videocon’s TV might very well service know is in Mumbai you might space and your calmed long picture cooler and clarity and sound quality of these sometimes the cost of repairing such problems is the Videocon TV exceeds tow replacing no image is a common problem with cathode-ray tube TVs.

 If you are facing such issues then check the obvious things first TV is plugged in correctly and is receiving sufficient power from operation if the power is are fine then there can be a problem in the video cable and hardware if the basic diagnosis comes out then might be the time to call a professional TV repair our service center is there don’t worry the circuit has convergence which when goes bad create the problem of the bowed picture sometimes bad or faulty soldered infuses and resistors am also caused image distortion a technician or an easily repair this sort of problem in the home much time it happens that there appears a single horizontal line on the Videocon TV screen the probable cause of this problem can be faulty defective or burned coil inside it. The other probable cause can be loose contact between and the mainboard the third possible cause be a defective capacitor some time. we are the best service we are in this field we know how to resolve operation.

we are the company we are top in any areas we are the solve problem we are enabled to know how to resolve them, mentioned to the customer we are the very expert in this is the solutions we are able to come with the solving remember the during operation voltage the failure we are the main solution in the problem possible reason behind the major problem insulation burn high voltage situation burn the minor cracking burring smell we used to due to magnetic device are mainly presence the of any magnetic the solve damaged appear the area appears shadow screen glass as shown in the above graphical cathode ray tube picture in this evolution from the TV operated sometimes causes a low supply voltage to the amplifier or a faulty there can be other reason as well like some faulty internal wiring.  

Troubling you with the picture problems sound problems or any other issue Audio in These smart TV’s have the simplest value within the market this TV had many advanced features. We will connect the TV to Wi-Fi and access YouTube and lots of other OTT plates from these field customers provide we are 3 months warranty 90 days warranty. They provided qualitative speakers. These TV’s are providing the simplest experience of watching. videocon service center Mumbai We offer the door to door service to the purchasers we’ve well-experienced technicians they’re going to solve your problems with your product


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